Intensif RF Microneedling

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Intensif RF Microneedle Skin Remodeling

While a component of the EndyMed™ Pro multi-application system, the Intensif RF Microneedle Skin Remodeling handpiece is in a category all its own. As with all of EndyMed Pro’s 3DEEP handpieces, the Intensif applicator tightens skin. What makes Intensif different is that it also treats active acne, acne scars, deep wrinkles, stretch marks, oily skin and other conditions that require deep dermal heating.

A Different Kind of Microneedling: the 3DEEP Difference

EndyMed™ Pro Intensif uses a minimally invasive microneedling process to remodel skin three layers deep. Employing EndyMed’s proprietary 3DEEP® technology, the Intensif handpiece uses hollow needles to gently pierce the skin to create microchannels. Traditional microneedling creates these channels to introduce rejuvenation solutions into the skin. Intensif uses these channels to deliver RF energy, simultaneously stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin.

The procedure spares the outer layer of skin so there’s no peeling or pain, and there is no downtime required for recovery. You will notice immediate improvement after the Intensif procedure and will enjoy noticing continued improvement for up to one year after!

If you’re intrigued about laser skin rejuvenation but aren’t quite sure where to start, ask your Second Appearance clinician about Intensif RF Microneedle Skin Remodeling. Contact us or call 817.442.0999 to schedule a consultation today.